Black Tusk came about after two huge Star Wars fans and 501st Legion members decided to use their skills to help other achieve their dream cosplay. They bring something a different to the table, and together can create any prop or costume.

Tyler is more focused on old school prop making. Give him some glue and plastic, and he will make your prop come to life. His specialty is creating props from scratch.

Brandon is more focused on new technologies. He has a focus on 3D printing. His specialities are modeling, printing, and adding electronics to props. Painting is another big focus of his. He uses airbrush quite often with custom paint colors to achieve the perfect color and finish.

Tyler and Brandon met in 2016 at Cincinnati Comic Con. Tyler was already a skilled prop maker and Brandon was just starting out. Brandon met up with Tyler many times to grow his skills. He caught on very rapidly and the two of them became great friends in the process. As Brandon's skills grew he was able to teach Tyler some things, and as Tyler learned more he shared his new ideas with Brandon. Today they both work together to tackle projects. Each one of them are able to bring their own skills to the table.

Tyler Webster

Tyler Webster

Tyler Webster is a 501st Legion member, TX-18211, with an approved Death Trooper costume. His skills are primarily focused on scratch building. Tyler is able to take a pile of PVC pipe, sintra scraps, glue, and random greebles, and turn it into an impressive prop.

Tyler's personal 501st Legion projects include a Rogue One Death Trooper, Rogue One Shoretrooper Squad Leader, and Tobias Beckett from Solo.

Brandon Owens

Brandon Owens

Brandon Owens is a 501st Legion member, BH-51512, with an approved Boba Fett and Tusken Raider. His skills are primarily focused on airbrushing, 3d printing, and electronics. He self-taught how to airbrush to achieve a higher accuracy in his Boba Fett costume.

Brandon's personal 501st Legion projects include Return of the Jedi Boba Fett, Rogue One Shoretrooper Captain, and a custom Mandalorian inspired by Pre-Production 2 Boba Fett.

Brandon also has a personal project where he logs his costume building process. This can be found at bh51512.com